Project Management & Collaboration Software for Teams

Take control of your business processes.

bit2bit Americas is an Atlassian Expert Partner helping teams throughout the Americas be the change they seek. A successful future is based on the proper implementation of Atlassian software within your business today.

Plan, Track and Support

Plan and track your work efficiently. Customize JIRA projects and workflows to manage any kind of initiative in your organization.

Agile planning and process tracking using Scrum or Kanban Boards.

Awesome user-friendly solution for managing your service catalog, queues and SLAs. Not IT? Service employee requests for leave, reimbursement or training.

Capture for JIRA

Quick way to send feedback directly to the team’s backlog. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Portfolio for JIRA

Plan and forecast with confidence, make data-informed decisions when things change, and keep everyone on the same page with visibility across all teams and projects.

Collaborate and Chat

Create, collaborate and share content with your team members. Integrate with JIRA and expand your organizational transparency. Adios email.

Private Team Chat with persistent chat rooms, screen-sharing and video chats. Built for business.

Questions for Confluence

Have a question? Crowdsource answers from your team members and capture knowledge in one place to evolve as your business grows.

Team Calendars for Confluence

Connect Confluence and JIRA with a shared calendar for your team. One place to track a common schedule of leave, travel, JIRA projects, and events.

Code, Build and Ship

Plan and track your software integration and deployment processes.

Use Git technology & have your source code under control.