Atlassian DevOps

Atlassian DevOps is the mix of Atlassian software products to streamline your software development process.

JIRA Software, Bitbucket and Bamboo work together to get the results you want in record time.

Atlassian DevOps Software

JIRA Software - Atlassian DevOps

Bitbucket - Atlassian DevOps

Bamboo - Atlassian DevOps

Planning & Tracking

Register, prioritize, estimate, assign and track your requirements through the highly user-friendly JIRA Software user interface. You will be able to know:

  • Who is doing what,
  • What is the status of a task,
  • What is your current progress,
  • Whether code has been reviewed,
  • Whether a requirement is included in a commit, build or release.

Source Control

When you create software, your source code is your main asset and source control is your main priority. Git is the technology to control your source code while Atlassian Bitbucket will make your DevOps experience great.

Create branches, define a workflow, create pull requests, review code before merging it into your sacred branch and more. Bitbucket enables you to use the best technology and collaborate efficiently.

Atlassian Stash - Pull Requests Conditions

Integrate & Deploy


Frequent integration and testing of your software is best practice and Atlassian Bamboo is the tool for continuous integration and delivery. Define custom integration plans for your project and build frequently. Then when you are ready for deployment, create a release and deploy it to an environment.

Don’t know what version is currently in your testing environment? That is now a problem of the past!

Don’t know what requirements are included in a specific release? Adios question!

With Atlassian DevOps software you will be able to trace a requirement to a commit, to a build, to a release, to a bug, etc. without the need of old-fashion manual procedures.

Just automatic traceability!