DevOps Experience Bogotá 2019

At the end of our tour, on November 14th, we’ve held our DevOps Experience event in Bogotá with 118 attendees. This event was sponsored by our partners Atlassian, Puppet and New Relic. As always, the DevOps cycle was addressed through demonstrations that spanned in 8 hours from the Planning phase to the Operation phase. In the demonstrations we show how different practices and technologies combine to create a complete DevOps cycle.

We had the participation of Javier Codeso representing Atlassian; Randy Greenburg and Leo Abreu representing Puppet; and Fernando López, Shelley Dunn, Paulo Monteiro and Felix Torres, representing New Relic.

Throughout the event we held our traditional raffles and games, where attendees participated and won prizes.

We are very grateful to have shared knowledge and experience with all the guests and above all to have had a great time together.

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