Innovid: Atlassian Cloud Support

As we celebrate the 1-year anniversary of our partnership with Innovid, bit2bit Americas continues to provide value through our support services for Atlassian. Let’s take a look back at our success thus far and our plans for continued improvement.

Initial situation

Innovid is the only independent omni-channel advertising and analytics platform built for television. With offices and employees operating in different time zones around the world, organizing and managing client requests can be challenging. In order to streamline such operations, Innovid’s team deployed Jira Cloud, but getting the right set up and organizing eazyBI reports was taking a lot of time.

Innovid’s situation was also unique in the fact that it needed to account for multiple teams, hundreds of thousands of tickets and sub-tasks, internal and external users, data retention, as well as new Jira projects. Ultimately, Innovid needed a partner they could rely on to provide best practices and guidance around project and activity management, eazyBI reporting, and user experience. Integrations with Salesforce, Jira Cloud, custom apps, and Zapier also needed to be managed and updated.

This is where bit2bit Americas came in. As an Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution partner, bit2bit Americas works with companies in 27 countries to streamline Jira solutions, helping companies like Innovid with licensing, support, training, custom development and implementation services.

Services and solution

In early 2019, bit2bit Americas jumped in headfirst and spent first month working with Innovid to streamline their multiple internal workflows, integrations, projects and fields, as well as update their eazyBI. After this initial cleanup, bit2bit Americas was able to reduce Innovid’s Jira waste and consolidate many of their workflows and schemes. bit2bit Americas also updated Innovid’s existing integrations with Jira and Slack to alert specific team members of urgent updates on tickets.

Following Innovid’s fall 2019 acquisition of LATAM based Helolens, bit2bit Americas helped facilitate the joining of the two companies, consolidating their disparate processes by creating new eazyBI reports, as well as streamlining the workflows for internal creative production and ad ops teams.

Today, Innovid creates large project tickets within bit2bit Americas’ Jira Service Desk and outlines specific SLAs to define ticket types and desired resolution. In addition to workflow efficiencies, bit2bit Americas also helps Innovid with license management, value added license benefits, payment terms, and marketplace app demonstrations.

bit2bit Americas may work with Innovid remotely, but our teams could not be closer. We keep in constant communication through Innovid’s Slack instance, substantially decreasing turnaround time. And when bit2bit Americas needs to assist Innovid in creating new workflows or general problem solving, updates are made live, in real-time over Zoom, to further speed up the QA process.


“Innovid needed to find a true partner in designing the right Atlassian support solution to fit our unique needs. We wanted someone responsive, who had a deep knowledge of the product and was certified as an Atlassian partner, was eager to understand our process and needs, and ultimately felt like an extension of our team. I’m happy to say that we found all of that and more in bit2bit Americas. Through our partnership with them, we have been able to execute some major updates to our workflow and maintain our day to day flawless operations. bit2bit Americas is always there for us, and always with a smile”.

Itay Mane – VP of Advertising Operations

“Advertisers around the world trust Innovid to support their business and deliver their ads. bit2bit Americas is with Innovid 24/7 to make sure they have everything they need to do so”.

Erich Sowell – VP Business Development, bit2bit Americas


Innovid is the only independent omni-channel advertising and analytics platform built for television. We use data to enable the personalization, delivery, and measurement of ads across the widest breadth of digitally enabled channels in the market including TV, video, display, social, and OOH. Innovid serves a global client base of brands, agencies, and publishers through over twelve offices across the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

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