DevOps Experience Lima 2019

Continuing with our DevOps Experience tour, on November 12th, 2019 we’ve held the event at the Hyatt Hotel in Lima with 88 attendees. This event was sponsored by our partners Atlassian, Puppet and New Relic.

The objective of the event was to address the DevOps cycle through demonstrations that covered from the Planning phase to the Operation phase: Planning Experience, Code & Building Experience, Test Experience, Release & Deployment and Operate Experience. In the demonstrations we show how different practices and technologies combine to create a complete DevOps cycle.

We have had the presence of Julio Chez representing Atlassian; Randy Greenburg and Leo Abreu representing Puppet; and Fernando López, Shelley Dunn, Paulo Monteiro and Felix Torres representing New Relic who had the opportunity to talk about their products and everything they can offer.

Our traditional games and raffles were also made. We had a lot of fun!

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